ATV Training and Safety Guide


ATV – Before Arrival

  1. Sign Rental Agreement and Waiver
  2. Watch the videos regarding Safety and tips
  3. Ask questions if you have any 

ATV – Upon Arrival 

  1. Don’t consume alcohol or smoke marijuana before or during your ride.
  2. Make sure the helmet fits your head correctly.
  3. Pay attention to the ATV instructions given by our staff
  4. Have your credit card present to process the security deposit, the iPhone or android tap does not work on the pin pad for pre-authorizations.
  5. Share your live location via what app for the duration of your ride, this helps us in case of an emergency for a prompt rescue.

ATV – During the Ride 

  1. If you are taking your ride in a group or joining a group, make sure to keep a distance between ATV of at least 50 ft (15 meters) to avoid a collision which can result in high repair costs.
  2. Maintain a safe speed for yourself and other rider, a safe speed into the trails is between 20 and 50 km/h. On the road when the speed limit is 50 Km/h for ATV drivers will be 20 Km/h and when the speed limit is over 50Km/h for ATV’s the max. speed will be 50 Km/h, excess speed limit is illegal.
  3. Avoid aggressive turns and acceleration especially if you are carrying a passenger, this can result in serious bodily injury.
  4. Always respect the rules and warning and speed signs on the trails and roads.


1. ATV Basics Training: Rider Position

2. ATV Basics Training: Controls 

 3. ATV Safety Tips: Rough and Rock Terrains 

4. ATV Safety Tips: What You Need To Know