Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. The minimum age for jet ski & Atv rental is 21 years old.
  2. A valid driver’s license must be presented before rental.
  3. A valid boater’s license must be presented before rental and if not, the renter agrees to complete the training module without cost.
  4. YELLOW JET PWC RENTALS reserves the right to void a rental contract or reservation if in their sole opinion the operator is incapable of operating the Jet Ski or Atv safely.
  5. Only renters or customers who are entered into the rental contract and who have a boater’s license or have completed the training module can operate the PWC.
  6. Reservation is confirmed with a credit card.
  7. Reservations must be cancelled within 14 days before the original reserved date to receive a full refund, reservations must be cancelled 14 days before your reservation
  8. Reservations cancelled in less than 14 days but more than 48 hours receive a 50% refund.
  9. Reservations cancelled with 24 hours notice receive a 50% credit on a future rental. If the weather don’t allow to do the activity it will be reschedule without additional cost. Yellow Jet don’t make any refund due the weather condition.
  10. The security deposit will be collected by credit card only on the day of the rent, we recommend arriving 30 minutes before to make and signed agreements and take the training.
  11. The damage deposit does not limit the renter’s liability in the case of severe or total loss.
  12. YELLOW JET PWC RENTALS could deliver and pick up the Jet Ski at additional cost the rate will be $0.95 per km on each way, the starting point will be Bluffers Park.
  13. YELLOW JET PWC RENTAL. has the right to refuse rental if there is a weather situation that would pose a risk to the renter. This could include limiting the rental agreement to a geographic area or daypart or full cancellation. Conditions for weather cancellations include wind speeds or gusts greater than 25 kph or 13 knots and wave heights over 1 meter. Rain or overcast will not normally be a situation that would cancel a rental agreement.
  14. Renters must obey all speed limits, and no-wake signs and reduce speed when close to all shorelines or canal walls. Failure to do so could mean provincial and federal offences including dangerous operation of a vessel or careless operation of a vessel, breaking the rules, dangerously operating the Jet ski or receiving a formal complaint from the enforcement authorities, will be sanctioned with the loss of the deposit.
  15. Mandatory safety equipment is included in each rental. Please do not remove this equipment (them) from the PWC unless in the case of an emergency. There is a personal floatation device for each occupant of the Jet Ski and it is recommended that they be used while operating or occupying the jet ski. There is a helmet for each occupant of the ATV and it is mandatory that they be used while operating or occupying the ATV.
  16. YELLOW JET PWC RENTAL does not condone the consumption of alcohol or drugs (including recreational drugs like marijuana) on rentals of PWC (PWCs or vehicles or watercraft) or ATV’s. In other words, alcohol use is forbidden, and non-compliant occupants can be charged for use by the police.
  17. As an operator in charge of the watercraft PWC or ATV rental you must be attentive at all times to your actions, your guest’s actions and behaviour, other boaters, other ATV operators, swimmers, objects in the water, objects in the trails or road (ATV) depth of water and changing weather conditions. Operators (renters) must have a cell phone on their person while renting.
  18. Please read and sign our Waiver that is emailed to you after booking.