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Yellow Jet

Jet Skiing & Dinner for 2

Jet Skiing & Dinner for 2

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Experience the thrill of jet skiing on Lake Ontario and take in the breathtaking sunsets! Join us Monday-Friday for a 2-hour Jet Ski adventure, followed by dinner for 2 at The Dogfish Pub and Eatery in Bluffers Park Marina. An unforgettable experience for two awaits!

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Steps to Take After Booking Your ATV Adventure

Before Arrival

- Sign our Rental Agreement and Waiver emailed to you after booking.

- Watch the ATV Training Videos featured in our ATV Safety and Training Guide.

- Email any questions you have to

Upon Arrival

Don’t consume alcohol or smoke marijuana before or during your ride.

- Make sure the helmet fits your head correctly.

- Pay attention to the ATV instructions given by our staff

- Have your credit card present to process the security deposit, the iPhone or android tap does not work on the pin pad for pre-authorization.

- Share your live location via what app for the duration of your ride, this helps us in case of an emergency for a prompt rescue.

During Your Adventure

- If you are taking your ride in a group or joining a group, make sure to keep a distance between ATV of at least 50 ft (15 meters) to avoid a collision which can result in high repair costs.

- Maintain a safe speed for yourself and other rider, a safe speed into the trails is between 20 and 50 km/h. On the road when the speed limit is 50 Km/h for ATV drivers will be 20 Km/h and when the speed limit is over 50Km/h for ATV’s the max. speed will be 50 Km/h, excess speed limit is illegal.

- Avoid aggressive turns and acceleration especially if you are carrying a passenger, this can result in serious bodily injury.

- Always respect the rules and warning and speed signs on the trails and roads.

After Your Adventure

Share your expereince with a Google Review.